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The Karin and Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung provides support to Kinderlotse. A contact point for families with seriously ill children.

12.09.2018, Hamburg
The Kinderlotse has supported families and their severely and chronically ill children in Northern Germany for 10 years now. The Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung supports efforts to help those affected in difficult and stressful situations. Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung unterstützt den Einsatz für Betroffene in schwierigen und belasteten Lebenssituationen.

If the inpatient treatment begins, but further or continuous care is necessary, the child and its family can rely only for a short period of time on the possibility of advice from the health insurance company. Managing a life with illness is a heavy burden for the children and their families, which under certain circumstances means a complete reorientation of the everyday situation. If the health insurance covers the need for family care and advice and the associated costs only for a short time, the affected persons face additional problems.

This is where Kinderlotse comes in – in order to protect and accompany the families and children. The Kinderlotse offers support based on a holistic approach to the individual needs that a family with a sick child may have. Be it accompanying from inpatient discharge, socio-medical follow-up care and familiarisation at home or counselling and support for parents and their ability to support themselves and the family in this situation. The offer spectrum of Kinderlotse also includes participation in group discussions or individual care after an operation. Health insurance companies provide consultation for a short period of time, but many families require a longer period of support.

Intensive care and access to a counselling centre over a period of one year allows many patients to deal with the disease in the first place. That is why the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung supports Kinderlotse. The foundation considers the work of Kinderlotse for the families to be extremely valuable because it enables specific and child-friendly care within the family. The main concern of the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung is to provide and promote direct help in order to provide comprehensive assistance to people in a difficult situation. This means for the Child Guide that individual care is possible.

The Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung Since its foundation in November 2016, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung has offered immediate, direct aid and support to individuals, but also assists institutions that provide direct aid. In addition, the Foundation organises its own events focussing on the direct support of socially disadvantaged people. Because everyone matters.

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