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The Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung congratulates the “Heroes of Barmbek!”.

Hamburg, November 2017
The award ceremony for the “Hamburger des Jahres 2017” took place in the Hotel Atlantic on 11 December 2017 and as official sponsor of the event, the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung presented the “Fairness & Courage” category. This commitment was a matter of great importance to the Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung as it was these very values that drove and motivated Walter Blüchert during his life and shaped his legacy as a founder.

This year’s winners in the “Fairness & Courage” category are the”Heroes of Barmbek” who confronted the Islamist motivated perpetrator in the Barmbek knife attack last July, ultimately disarming him to prevent the loss of further lives.

This is the 19th time that the “Hamburger des Jahres” has been part of the prestigious gala held at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski and which features a total of six categories. The award in the “Fairness & Courage” category is always of particular importance, as it distinguishes those people who go above and beyond for the Hanseatic city. The laudatory speech is traditionally held by Hamburg’s first mayor.

The Karin und Walter Blüchert Gedächtnisstiftung has been providing direct assistance to people in need since November 2017. The first Hamburg institutions to receive funding include the phönikks Stiftung as well as the Zentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche in Trauer e.V.. The Right Livelihood Award Foundation (the alternative Nobel Prize) is also supported on a national level.

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